​Cast: Samuel Edward Cook, Candis Nergaard, David Verrey

Writer Director: Samuel Supple

Genre: Historical Drama

Running Time: 17m 40s


Magwitch acts as a prequel to the Charles Dickens novel,Great Expectations, using information gleaned from the back-story within the original text and tells the story of Abel Magwitch, arguably Dickens most infamous convict.


This new work is a fresh and bold look at a story that is now over 150 years old and is currently being entered into national and international competition


Magwitch was shot entirely on location in the county of Kent, UK in September 2011. The film was made to celebrate the bicentenary year of Charles Dickens' birth in 2012.

What they are saying

Antonia Quirke, Film Critic

"Love Magwitch. So beautifully shot. Brilliant direction of actors.

Great ending."


SKET and Misfits Director, Nirpal Bhogal

'One of the brightest and most exciting young UK directors'