Established in 2011 by Writer Director Samuel Supple and Producer Debra McGee, violafilms were supported by a number of small grants to create Magwitch, a prequel

to the Charles Dickens novel ‘Great Expectations’. We aim to establish the company

as one of the UK’s leading Independent Production Companies and we are forging relationships with a wide range of UK and International based talent. Our aim is

simple, to make film provoking for our audience with a talented and vibrant production

and development team.


"Hold your noise!" - are the first words the convict Abel Magwitch growls at

Pip in "Great Expectations". But what were the events that led him to become

this manacled man covered in blood and mud? The story begins with Magwitch

in solitary confinement upon a Prison Hulk. Suffering from a fever, the convict dreams about a life gone by, from his first crime to his first love and the